Monday, 27 February 2017

Tikanga Maori Carving

Carving is a way of telling a story, Maori would go out into the forest and find fallen down trees and take them to their village and carve a story because there was no written Maori language, they used green stone tools and slowly a story was made. Now days people go out in boats with big barrels and when the tide is low they attached the barrels to a dead tree that has fallen over and slid down into the river and and when the tide comes in the log floats and then the carver comes and takes the log to the carving stall and they strip it back to the core and use power tools and carve a story or make art.

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  1. Well done jack!! Your doing relaly good with your maori (a lot better then last year) Sammie and alex

  2. great work on your maori.

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